About us

Supported Pathways was born due to identification of a need within communities for people to access services. Barriers to accessing valuable government and community services, including formal and informal supports can occur for a number of reasons including – isolation, literacy level, inability to access or use technology, not wanting to be a burden, inability to understand and not having the assistance or support to do so.

Supported Pathways provides services in the following locations – and everywhere in between

  • Warwick
  • Toowoomba
  • Ipswich
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Redlands
  • Northern Gold Coast regions
  • Beaudesert

Our Staff

Monica Felstead:

My name is Monica, I’m a Social Worker having graduated from the University of Qld in 2007. I am very honored to be leading the team at Supported Pathways, in the roles of Director, Social Worker, NDIS Specialist Support Coordinator and team member.

My husband Bob and I, started this business in January 2017, with humble beginnings at home utilising two bedrooms for our office space

My passion for supporting others in their journey through the haze of multiple organisations is well known throughout our local community. Supported Pathways allows me to be creative, passionate, spontaneous, reactive and proactive in my working day.

My background is as varied as my daily surprises throughout life and includes the following employment sectors: Royal Australian Navy (commencing in the now superseded Women’s Royal Australian Navy; variety of pink collared jobs whilst raising my daughter; hospitality; insurance industry; retail including jobs including team member and Management positions.

In 2002, I decided to go to University, having only completed year 10 in a rural town a million years ago; five years later I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work, having completed placements in Domestic Violence and Centrelink. Since then I’ve worked in the following areas – Domestic and Family Violence and DV Court, Community Legal, Qld Health Community Mental Health, Elder Abuse, Office of the Public Guardian, support work for older people, support work for people with disabilities.

I am so proud of our little business; we have the best team who passionately and creatively make a difference every day of the week.

Bob Felstead:

I’m Bob and along with Monica, we are very proud business owners of Supported Pathways since 2017. Working in the humanities sector has been a big change from my background of working with heavy machinery. I’m a man of few words and can be found in the ‘back office’ crunching numbers and looking at spreadsheets on any given day.

Lynette Wilson:

Hello, I’m Lyn…I believe your experiences in life eventually lead you to follow your true passion. Having worked in the Automotive Industry for 14 years, commencing as a Trainee Sales  Consultant to achieving Top 10 Sales for the Queensland Region within 2 years, I am not shy of dedication and hard work.

The passing of my Mother in 2017 and the circumstances associated with that experience led me on a search for change. I felt the urge to contribute to an organisation that
supports individual’s needs.

I commenced working with Supported Pathways as Administration in May 2021. I’ve since been promoted to the role of Office Manager.

Learning and understanding a totally different industry has been an enjoyable and personally rewarding transition. To form part of a great team that are all working to improve the lives of others, meeting people from all walks of life and contributing to change is a day in the office which I’m proud to be part of.

Emma Muller:

Hi, I’m Emma,  I joined the team at Supported Pathways in April 2021, and I enjoy the role of Senior Support Coordinator, working with the Supported Pathways team to ensure all Participants receive their best NDIS journey to achieve their goals.

After 14 years in the hotel industry and a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism management, working at Supported Pathways was a welcome and exciting change of pace for me. The hotel industry allowed me the privilege of working with and interacting with people of so many varied skills, languages and cultures. I believe this experience provided me with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to understand people better.

Jason Turner:

Hi, I’m Jason and I joined the team at Supported Pathways in October 2021, in the roll of Maintenance person and general all rounder. This has allowed Supported Pathways the added opportunity to assist Participants with yard maintenance services as required.

I’ve been in the retail sector for over 25 years, and owned my own mowing business for five years. I’m hard working and dedicated to ensure that all customers receive quality services.

Dee Brown:

Hi, I’m Dee and I joined the team at Supported Pathways in August 2023 as a Support Coordinator. Prior to this role, I worked with an Allied Health company supporting their NDIS Participants to access Dietician, Exercise Physiology and Diabetes Education services.

As a mother with a daughter who has a disability and NDIS plan, I am able to understand the complexities of trying to navigate the NDIS funds, plans, services and language. This has put me in good stead to assist others with their support needs.

I am passionate about working with others to achieve their goals, and working with the team at Supported Pathways. Every day is a new learning opportunity.

Mackayla Nass:

Hi, I’m Mackayla!

I’ve newly joined the team at Supported Pathways in November 2023. My role at Supported Pathways is Support Coordinator.

I have the privilege to work with not only our NDIS clients, but all other stakeholders involved, whether that be family, friends, NDIS and other service providers.

My previous roles in the workforce have been as a NDIS Coordinator for an Allied Health company and as a dental assistant. Working in these roles I have grown passionate about assisting other people where possible. I’m eager to work with others to help them achieve their goals.

Working with the team at Supported Pathways has been an amazing learning experience and opportunity.

I’m proud to be a part of a team that cares so strongly for their community.


Supported Pathways employs qualified Social Workers who are registered with the AASW (Australian Association of Social Work). This means that our Social Workers are university qualified professionals who have completed a minimum of four years of tertiary study, which is recognized nationally and internationally. Supported Pathways staff have the knowledge and skills necessary to better understand and support people, promote community participation and advocate for social change.

Our staff will build on the strengths and resources of people within their communities and environment. At times our staff will support people to discover, develop or remember their strengths and resources, and at other times our staff will help people to develop or access resources. Supported Pathways will advocate for resources that have been denied to the individual or the community.

Supported Pathways is grounded in the ethical principles as outlined in the AASW Code of Ethics (2010).

Definition of Social Work

The social work profession promotes social change, problem solving in human relationships and the

empowerment and liberation of people to enhance wellbeing.

Utilising theories of human behaviour and social systems, social work intervenes at the

points where people interact with their environments.

Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work.

AASW Code of Ethics [2010] pg 7

In the determination and pursuit of its aims, social work is committed

to three core values, which give rise to general and specific ethical responsibilities. These values are

Respect for persons

Social justice

Professional integrity

AASW Code of Ethics [2010] pg 12


Our Commitment, Vision and Values

Our Commitment

The Supported Pathways Team are committed to working to an agreed vision and

set of values which are used

to inform our planning

and service delivery

Our Vision

The Supported Pathways Team have a vision of making a difference in the lives

 of our stakeholders.

We visualise a future where possibilities,

opportunities and dreams are

reachable for our stakeholders regardless of

race, gender, stature or disability.

 Our Values

Respect and adherence to individual rights

 Integrity, transparency and honesty

 Utilise a community of practice framework

 Delivery of services with passion and excellence

 Commitment to continuous improvement.