Social Work Services. Occupational Therapy.

Social Work

Monica from Supported Pathways is registered to provide General Social Work services.  Referrals can come from (a) medical practitioners; (b) medical specialists; (c) health care providers with a current referral transferring the entitled person to another health care provider of the same specialty; or (d) hospital discharge planners.

Services provided by our General Social Worker may include but are not limited to:

  • general counselling and case management;
  • service co-ordination and facilitating access to community services;
  • referral and advocacy
  • discharge planning (where it is of such complexity that it is deemed outside the scope of the discharge planner’s role and responsibility);
  • education and information;
  • vocational and employment counselling or rehabilitation;
  • accommodation and placement assistance;

Occupational Therapy

To be updated later in 2019 Service currently not available.