Allied Health Services.

Social Work

Monica from Supported Pathways is registered to provide General Social Work services.  Referrals can come from (a) medical practitioners; (b) medical specialists; (c) health care providers with a current referral transferring the entitled person to another health care provider of the same specialty; or (d) hospital discharge planners.

Services provided by our General Social Worker may include but are not limited to:

  • general counselling and case management;
  • service co-ordination and facilitating access to community services;
  • referral and advocacy
  • discharge planning (where it is of such complexity that it is deemed outside the scope of the discharge planner’s role and responsibility);
  • education and information;
  • vocational and employment counselling or rehabilitation;
  • accommodation and placement assistance;

NIISQ (National Injury Insurance Scheme)

Supported Pathways are an organisation delivering support or services to a NIISQ participant.

The National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIISQ) is a no-fault Scheme which provides eligible people with necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support, in some cases for their lifetime.

Anyone who experiences serious personal injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, on or after 1 July 2016, may be eligible to receive support from NIISQ.

Each NIISQ participant’s needs are different, depending on their injury and circumstances.

To meet those needs, NIISQ work collaboratively with a number of different service providers, such as:

  • medical practitioners
  • allied health professionals and other rehabilitation service providers
  • attendant care providers
  • home, vehicle and workplace modification providers
  • IT software and service suppliers
  • professional services/consultants.

Service providers play a key role in the delivery of NIISQ, providing services that will ensure participants receive necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support.

NIISQ are committed to working closely with service providers as one team to facilitate the best outcomes for participants.

Occupational Therapy                   Test & Tag service

“Referral out ”                                                                                                                         Licensed Test & Tag for Domestic and Commercial purpose.


“Referral out”

Speech Therapist

“Referral out”


“Referral out”